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June 3, 2008

Daisy the Dog!

Daisy the Shih Tzu is well known dog. Her frisky energy makes it easy for two footed creatures to engage in social connection & conversation. That is great, because her owner Nikou is just a bit shy. Originally from the Middle East, Nikou lived in France and was a world traveler before settling down to become a psychiatric nurse for many years. Today Nikou has no living relatives in this country, so her companion animal of several years is essentially her family and her best friend. When she had a stroke last year, her recovery process and medications left her so dizzy that it made it hard for her to exercise Daisy enough. Her stress and anxiety about her beloved pet’s needs was slowing down her recovery process.
NWPM volunteers stepped up to keep this cute little dog walked and well cared for. Over a several month period, five different volunteers befriended this fascinating lady and her fuzzy friend. The dedicated participation of a high school student, who stopped by regularly after her classes at the Metropolitan Learning Center, made all the difference.
As Nikou got better, she decided to move her little household downtown. On moving day in early May, a NWPM volunteer brought over a pick-up truck to transport her furniture & other items the 20 blocks to her new apartment. Small teams of people helped her with both packing and unpacking. She wanted to live in a building exclusively with older adults. Her new location on the South Park blocks makes it very easy for her take her dog outside and also nearby all their daily needs. Nikou is extremely gratefully for the help that allowed Daisy, to be well cared for during her health crisis, and for the support during her recent housing transition. Sometimes a team approach is needed to keep our elderly neighbors independent & connected!

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