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November 19, 2008

Thanks Everyone!

NWPM wishes to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser event for our backpack program this past Monday - especially Cafe Reese! We've gotten some nice comments, including this one from our friend Larry at Easter Seals Oregon:
"My partner and I had dinner at Cafe Reese last night. We went at your invitation and to check out a new place that we have been wanting to experience... Your event motivated us to finally check it out. The staff, especially Glen, was delightful, the food was excellent, and the live accordion music was an added touch. Thank you for the invitation."

The owner's of Cafe Reese, Glenn and Delenee Brugman, wrote:
"We loved supporting Back Packs for Kids and met many new customers from NWPM. We also gained a new musician, as Gerson wants to play for us again on a regular basis... We would like to leave a check for you in the amount of $227.40. Also, we had several customers who donated cash directly to the little box near your sign, who happened to be in the restaurant that evening and wanted to give. Being newcomers to Portland, we find it's people and our Northwest neighborhood special. A real sense of community and support for each other is evident. We are proud to be a part of that."

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