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December 11, 2008

The Need to Feed reports, the sagging economy is taking a bite out of federal school-meal subsidies as more students take advantage of free or low-price breakfasts and lunches. A non-profit group, the School Nutrition Association, says 425,000 more kids are participating in the national lunch and breakfast programs this year than last year. Click photo, left, or here to read more.
On the international side, actress Susan Sarandon talks briefly in another CNN report about what she has seen and her favorite hunger charity. "In my trips overseas I saw the choices people are forced to make. I saw how difficult it is to get a toehold to lift yourself up from poverty because you’re always struggling to feed yourself one more day. With a gift that helps them feed themselves ... they become responsible for helping lift up a neighbor through “Passing on the Gift” ... in their communities." Read the full article here or click photo at right.
Here in Oregon - where 75,000 children need emergency food in an average month - requests for emergency food are skyrocketing to record levels according to a recent article by the Oregon Food Bank. Meanwhile, Public News Service-Oregon reports our state has jumped from 18th in the nation to third in the most recent state rankings of food "insecurity." Read more here.

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