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March 16, 2010

Alert! We need a new FREEZER!

Hello friends. Today, the freezer at Northwest Portland Ministries pantry, photo below, went out of service! It has had it's share of repairs, but this time it looks like it is out for good.

Please, if you know of anyone willing to donate a commercial or industrial size freezer to NWPM, please call Preston at 503 221-1224 Ext. 104.

In addition to the regular Pantry hours today from 11:00am to 1:00pm, we did a "portable food pantry" run to residents in need at Williams Plaza to ensure that food would not spoil and go to waste. We served over 70 households today! Additional items went to folks at Medallion & Helen Sweindell Apts.

Big thanks to today's volunteers: Barbara C., Yolanda L., Michele F. Chris B. Timm D, Larry Nelson, Cissy L. & Helen s. Dennis S & of course, Preston H, for getting the food distributed on short notice today!

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