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July 14, 2008

NCJW resuscitates emergency food-box program

In the photo at right, Zinaida Iskaliera selects bread at the food-box pantry. The photo is from an article by Jenn Knudsen, published in the Jewish Review. Jenn happens to be the daughter of Nikki Director who is NWPM's liaison from the National Council of Jewish Women. Nikki helped spearhead the volunteers to support the Nob Hill Business Association food drive back in May and is also serving on the auction committee.

"Thanks in large part to a substantial grant from the National Council of Jewish Women to Northwest Portland Ministries, Inc., its emergency food-box program is helping feed thousands of the working poor and their families, as well as the elderly on fixed incomes."
Read the full article here! - Jenn Director Knundson Photo

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